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Why Mauritius Freeport?
Competitive Advantages
Competitive Advantages
Access to Markets
Well established sea and air connections
Strategic Location Bridging Asia and Africa
In a competitive global market, it is important for businesses to choose the best location for their Freeport activities and centralized distribution system. The Mauritius Freeport provides the ideal platform for a warehousing, manufacturing, processing and distribution hub, combining the services of one of the best port in the Eastern and Southern African region with an efficient and dynamic logistics platform.

The Mauritius Freeport is today the trading hub of the Eastern and Southern African region that boasts excellent infrastructure and transshipment facilities, highly qualified labour forces and offers investors extremely attractive incentives. It is the ideal warehousing, manufacturing, processing and distribution hub that provides access to a 425 million consumer market in this African region. Europe and Asia can also be reached cost effectively from Mauritius.

Duty Free Access to Regional Markets, Europe and the US
Mauritius has successfully adopted an export-oriented manufacturing strategy in the Freeport with attractive incentives thus making the country to be known being a reliable and competitive supplier for manufactured goods.

While setting up a manufacturing unit in the Freeport, Freeport Companies will gain access to duty free markets through the regional trade agreements such as COMESA and SADC.
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